Oct 22, 2012

Measuring Up

I just read a post that brought me to tears.  I have been feeling stressed lately, feeling like I am not measuring up, like I am failing in so many little ways.  And reading this post was honestly like sitting down at a table with a dear friend, sharing a cup of coffee and having her pat me on the back and encourage me, reassuring me that it is all going to be okay, it will all work out.  I even read it out to Prince Charming and sobbed as I read it.  I needed that today. 

Today, my girls ate fruit for breakfast and were thrilled.  Today they did pumpkin preschool and loved it.  Today they shared chicken stew for lunch and were excited by it.  Today we watched Sesame Street and learned about numbers and letters and cuddled and had fun.  Today, my four-year-old girl finally asked me if she chould use the potty and succeeded. (one of my feelings of failure was this struggle.)  Today my kids had a good day.  That is all I should need to feel like I measure up.


Anonymous said...

So often we feel like we don't measure up because we are comparing.... I do it all the time and far too much - we shouldn't.... God made us and love us..... you measure up just because you are here!!!!

Julie said...

I've had plenty of those "not measureing up" moments. I never feel like I am a good enough Mom, etc. *sigh*