Oct 21, 2012

Great Finds! And what ARE these things?

The local Zellers is going out of business. The restaurant in the Zellers has already closed and in that space is all the restaurant supplies for sale. I went in and had a FABULOUS time! I bought so many things at such great prices. I love to cook and I LOVE restaurant quality supplies. I even bought some empty menu holders to use for homeschooling. They would be great to put printables in to keep them nice and probably even for writing on with dry erase markers.

The following is just some of the loot that I got! I forgot to take pictures of some things.   I am so excited by it. I may go back late and hit them up for some shelving solutions too.

Two 16 piece sets of dishes!  And in RED my favorite color for the kitchen!
A Sugar dish! I may go back and see if they have another one to use for powdered coffee creamer
An AWESOME chefs Knife! It is my new favorite knife. I LOVE how it cuts and how it feels in my hand.
And these things. Does anyone know what they are??  They are REALLY big, about as long as my arm and quite heavy and thick.  I LOVE them and they would look nice displayed with my old fashioned washing board.
 On another note, I have made some space available in my place for some bulk food storage.  I am going to get some food grade bins and use to store some bulk dried goods.  I have been stocking up on groceries and my pantry is full, my fridge is full and my freezer is full.  It makes me so happy to see all that food there for us.

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Julie said...

Looks like you got some great finds! :)