Oct 4, 2012

Sometimes I worry.

Sometimes I get a little stressed.  I will admit it.  I am the kind of person who worries.  I worry about my kids and how they are doing, am I doing right by them, that sort of thing.  I worry about money, will we have enough to do all the extra the things we would like to do.  I worry about getting an affordable place to live (with enough rooms and in a good neighbourhood) when our lease is up.  I worry about our friend and will he ever get it together enough to be out on his own supporting himself in a place of his own.  I worry.  Sometimes I lay in bed and worry.  It is silly.  There is nothing to be accomplished by it and most days there are moments of pure bliss where I sit in my untidy living room with the latest snacks and toys strewn about and my untidy clothes and hair with three small children all in my lap loving on me and I can let all the worries go and just enjoy the moment.  Until I go to bed and worry some more in the darkness.


Julie said...

Sometimes learning to let things go is a hard thing to do...


Blond Duck said...

Popped in to say hi! I struggle so much with worrying all the time!

Kat said...

While I'm sure it's no comfort to you, lol, just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. I too worry about everything, which I'm sure is on par with what most moms worry about. Money to do all the extras they want to do. Are they really, *really* happy with homeschooling, even though they tell me they are?

Like you, I do have those moments of bliss...where I look around and know that my life is blessed beyond measure and worrying accomplishes nothing.

Just part of the mom thing, I suppose. :)

Enjoyed looking through your blog. Loved the name and your descriptions of you and your family! Looking forward to checking back in with you...

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