Oct 14, 2012

Moments from My Days

I am one of those crazy moms who wants to capture as many moments as I can.  I want to remember every little second (even those exhausted-the-kids-kept-me-up-moments) so that I can look back on them.  There are days I carry my phone or my camera around and capture random little things for no reason at all except it is just my kids being kids and I want to remember that.  Here are some things I have captured this week.

Early in the morning with my boy before the house wakes up

Princess Belle helping me to cook. The kitchen is a mess, but real life learning is happening.

Little Prince fell asleep with his bottle, his rattle, his monkey and his blanket.  It was too cute to see him completely buried in things he loves, I had to snap a pic.

This is how Princess Snifflefritz likes to eat her breakfast.  She looks so sweet in the window like that concentrating so hard on her food.

Princess Magpie looking solemn by her brother's bouncy seat, I am not sure why.  But I like a serious, pic once in a while.

I LOVE when they read.  I love watching how even 2 1/2 year old Princess Snifflefritz will sit with a book and point to everything she sees and share it with me.

Princess Magpie is so often silly in pics that I love to catch her serious like in this one where she is enjoying her musical frog friend.

I was doing laundry and they stole the laundry basket.  It quickly became a car that little girls and big girl all enjoyed!

More Princess Magpie enjoying her books.

Books of all sorts are a big hit in our house, here is Princess Belle enjoying her books too.

Princess Snifflefritz catches me watching her "read" books.

I LOVE catching the girls being sweet to each other.  I don't know if this pic was actually this week or last, but it happens so much I had to share it here too.


Rojer Fredrick said...

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Jennifer {Life Darling} said...

I'm right there with you. I love looking at my kids' baby pictures - random or not! :-)

Julie said...

Enjoy all those random moments. They are gone so quickly!