Oct 28, 2012

Craft sale fun

I took Princess Belle to a large local craft fair just for fun.  We had a good time looking at the goodies and she had fun tasting all the samples.  Here are some pics of the stuff we saw:'

These are sparkly Christmas decorations.  Princess Belle loved them!

 This is beautiful, handmade pottery, Princess Belle couldn't figure out why anyone would want to hang a crumpled instrument on their wall.

There was a whole display of beautiful things made out of silverware.  These are bud vases made out the handles of butter knives and forks or spoons, there was all sorts of creative things done with them.

This is Princess Belle looking at all the silverware creations.  

I loved this display of handmade (ceramic ?) mushrooms.

This is a pic of just the lower level of the fair.  There was two levels.

These fish were awesome.  They were made out of POP BOTTLES????  Princess Belle went into the middle of them and pretended to be swimming.

These are the mugs.tea pots, and jars that I posted yesterday.  They were really cute, even if a few of them were a little spooky.

There was a whole display of cute little aprons.  Princess Belle found this one and thought it was perfect for one of the girls in our house.

I posted this yesterday too.  It was a whole display of pickles and jams and other preserves.  It all looked fabulous.  The man laughed at me being obviously a little spooked by the jar of pickled onions.  One look at my expression and he was quick to explain that it was onions pickled in malt vinegar.

There was LOTS of baked goods there.  I as very tempted but didn't buy any and didn't even sample one little nibble!  Princess Belle was quick to do that for me though LOL.

Princess Belle wanted a picture with this Santa, but he was selling framed pictures (there were rather expensive and I didn't have that kind of money on me) and she couldn't understand why Santa would need the money since he makes all the presents.  He heard me explaining that it was he could buy supplies to make all the presents and he leaned over and whispered in my ear that as long as I took it with my cell phone so that no one would see, he would chat with her and I could snap a picture.  He was very sweet and brought tears to my eyes.

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Julie said...

It was nice of Santa to let you sneak a picture!!! :D