Oct 18, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

  1. I have discovered that while I really don't like winter (it is cold, wet, uncomfortable and yucky) I really LOVE Fall.  I love cuddly warm sweaters, hot squash or pumpkin soup, lovely fall colors, the cool crisp air and all that fall brings.  
  2. I got up this morning and the house was a little cool so I decided to make a batch of nice muffins to warm the house and the bellies of the kids.  The house now smells fabulous and is nice and toasty too.
  3. I feel like I have failed because I can't get my four year old potty trained.  I really believe she is on the Autism Spectrum so I tell myself that is why.  But I still feel like I failed.
  4. Belle is growing so much.  She is getting to be so beautiful.  I am not ready for that.  I LOVE that as much as she is growing up, she still plays like a little girl with her sisters. 
  5. I got a picnic table for the girls and where this house it TOO SMALL and has no place for a table, I put it in the living room for the girls.  They use it to eat and they use it to do homeschool.
  6. Prince Charming might be going to school to do a little more on his welding course.  The course also comes with a really long work term which may help him to get work.  
  7. I am stressed lately.  Stressed with the friend I can't get off my couch.  Stressed about money stuff. Stressed with family stuff (my parents and his sister not Prince Charming and the kids).  And Stressed about living in this house that has no place for a table and that has my baby sleeping in the living room and that has local kids making Princess Belle cry on a regular basis.
  8. Princess Belle is enjoying her unit on Australia. Here is the binoculars she made and the picture she drew of a Koala.
  9. I LOVE Daddy and me pics of any kinds. Prince Charming loves his kids so much it is sweet to capture moments of them to remember.

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Julie said...

Hope your DH can do the welding course, and get some work!