Aug 3, 2012

Poor Princess Belle

I wish I could go out and give all the kids in the neighbourhood a talking to.  Heck I would love to go ahead of my Princess Belle all her life, preparing the way for her, making people understand that she means well and that she doesn't mean to be different, it is just her way, she is so special and they would be privileged to be luck enough to know her if they gave her a shot.  I want to force them all to look past her autism to the great person she is.  It makes me sad that kids around here choose to make fun of her and make her feel bad instead. I hate that I have to let her find her own way through these things. 



Julie said...

Kids can be so cruel. I'm so sorry she has to deal with that. Being a mom is so hard. You want to protect but sometimes you just can't. *hugs*

Julie said...

It's too bad that kids have to be so mean. :( ... Some of the kids that Amanda plays with, tend to boss her around, and it drives me NUTS. She has found a new little friend who seems like a real sweetheart though, so I am encouraging that friendship. :)