Aug 25, 2012

Playdate with Homeschooler Friends

So our day started with a metro bus ride across town to our homeschooler friend's neighborhood.  Here are the girls waiting for the bus to arrive at our transfer point.

Our friend's loved Little Prince and the little girl loved being able to hold him and feed him.

The kids had fun dressing up in costumes (I have to admit, my friend has an AWESOME playroom for the kids.

Their keyboard was a big hit with my music loving girls

Even the simple pleasures of blocks are bigger at someone else's house.

We took the girls out to our favorite old shopping center for a snack afterwards and treated them to a little car stroller ride

Princess Belle and Daddy played thumb wars while waiting for everyone to finish their food

 On the bus ride home, ALL my tuckered out girls fell asleep, EVEN 10 year old Princess Belle.  But some of us didn't make it to the bus

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Julie said...

Awwww! All tuckered out and sound alseep!!! So cute!