Aug 11, 2012

Homeschool planning

I have been planning our upcoming year for homeschooling.  I have a general idea of how our year will go with Princess Belle but what excites me most is that I am going to start Preschool with Princess Magpie.  I even plan on letting Princess Snifflefritz join in as much as she wants to since she is used to doing everything that Princess Magpie does.  Who knows when it is time to start Kindergarten with Princess Magpie, Princess Snifflefritz may be ready to do some of it too.  I LOVE that homeschooling is so flexible and that it allows me to not have to separate my two little joined at the hip princesses. 

I have never homeschooled preschool before so it is kind of fun to think about it and plan it.  I plan on having regular field trips as a part of out homeschool schedule as well.  I am looking forward to getting into it all.


princess said...

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Julie said...

Have fun on your upcoming homeschool year. I am almost ready for ours to start. I just have to print up the lesson plans and get the binders ready to go. Other than that, we are ready. :) ... Well, we do wish summer would last longer. ;) *rofl*