Aug 1, 2012

I could so be one of those people

You know those people you see on Extreme Couponers who have a garage that is as organized as a grocery store and as stocked as one too!  If we could Extreme Coupon like that here in Canada, I could so be one of those people.  Lots of food makes me feel secure.  Organization makes me happy.  And I LOVE getting a good bargain.  I would love to be able to go to the store, fill two carts up and spend $15! 


JulieBug said...

The problem with some of those extreme couponers is that they are doing things the wrong way and give couponers a bad name in a way. That's my opinion anyway. I do love the idea of having a stockpile of things within reason though. How awesome would that be?! :)

Julie said...

I don't have the patience to be an extreme couponer. *lol* I also don't have the extra space for that much food. I would also worry that things would go bad before we had the chance to eat it all. *lol*

BUT... Organizing it would be fun! ;)