Aug 17, 2012

Fun Geography idea and Home Ec too!

Princess Belle has always had a problem with geography.  She can't visualize how we can live in Halifax, but also in Nova Scotia, and also in Canada.  No matter how I explain it to her, she just has troubles.  Geography is like a foreign language to her. 

So for fun this year, I am going to make geography a big year long project.  I am going to start with local and then move on to the 7 continents and then to various countries around the world.  We will have maps on the walls and draw lines from where we start to where we are going.  I am going make pretend passports about our travels.  I am going to spend a month on each country, talking about it history, it's culture, and it's cuisine etc.  For fun we will watch movies that take place in that country and we will end in a feast  of foods from that country.  I am really excited about it and have been gathering up information on the countries she expressed interest in (she picked the ones that sounded like they had the yummiest foods LOL)

I am really hoping that this will make geography more real to her. 

Another thing I am doing this year I have already started.  I am starting to teach her to cook.. I love to cook, but I cook simple meals that can be made quickly.  This is perfect for teaching her.  So she took a notebook and drew a cover page on it.  Inside she writes her understanding of the recipe that SHE made for supper.  I tell her what to do, but she does it herself.  She is so proud of herself. 

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