Aug 4, 2012

The Saturday PhotoHunt:~ Oooooo ~

The theme this week is Oooooo.  It is an odd theme but I figured that was difficult to come up with some pics to fit this theme, but I made an effort and here are my submissions:

Princess Snifflefritz is apparently terrified of swings.  She is timid by nature (the only one of my royal family who is, Princess Magpie hasn't got a timid bone in her body).  And when I put her on the swing, one of the first sounds she made was, "OOOooooooo!" and then, "NNNNOOOOOOO!!!"


YTSL said...

Eeek, an ooooooo that's negative. I tend to make oooooo noises when I'm happy! :O

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

She wasn't to sure of that ... Ooooo

Vicki said...

I could almost hear her saying oooooo, nooooo.

I liked your choice

My oooo is at

Carrie said...

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Julie said...

Oh, poor little thing! ... But also so stinkin' cute! *lol*