Aug 19, 2012

Fun days

We have had a fun weekend! We spent the day yesterday at the local farmers market and I had so much fun picking out fresh veggies and discovering new ones (like cousa! Let me know if you have heard of it and what you like to do with it!). It is so nice to have the kids out and treat them to silly things like balloons and kettle korn Today we went to a community BBQ. The best thing about most of the events for kids here in town is that they are FREE!! I love to get to take all the kids out, have fun and not spend a fortune. After that we went to buy some school supplies. Even though we homeschool, I like to take advantage of the sales and get them some goodies. I am even giving them backpacks and lunch boxes. I will give them their backpacks with some new supplies on our first day of homeschool and some days I will treat them with lunch box lunches just for the fun of it. I got some pics I will share later!

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