Aug 6, 2012

More Magpie

I can never get over the character of my Magpie.  She is so brave in some ways and yet still scared of little bugs.  The other day we were out at festival here in town (pictures will follow on a future post).  But one thing that happened, I had to share.  We went to a kids play about Princess Plum's birthday party.  All the kids were called up and off to the side of the stage as a part of the play they were taught to play, "Duck Duck Goose!" and "Ring around the Rosy".  Princess Magpie and Princess Belle were excited to go up with all the kids.  However, that's when things took an interesting turn.  Princess Magpie saw the empty stage and the audience full of people and decided that it was her big chance.  She went up on stage and took to dancing and performing for the audience.  She was convinced that she was in her very own play performing for the audience!  What a little ham!  What a little character!  What a riot!  No fear of the stage at all!  God I love that girl!

1 comment:

Julie said...

*rofl* ... Amanda would have done the SAME thing at that age!