Jun 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #83

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Things that are on Twisted Cinderella's mind today
  1. Princess Magpie pulled herself up for the first time. She did it in her crib and fell out!!!! So now Prince Charming has to move her mattress down.
  2. It scared her and it took a long time to get her to calm down. I have to admit, I bribed her with Big Comfy Couch and cookies. I just needed her be her happy self and she didn't seem to be hurt, just upset.
  3. I already had to move her crib and dresser because she was pulling things out of and off of the dresser and pulling them into her crib. LOL, my little monkey.
  4. A friend dropped by with about a dozen boxes that were left behind in my last move, 3 YEARS ago! It was fun going through them and finding out books, yearbooks, other other goodies.
  5. I found bunches of poetry and things I wrote when I was in high school. It was fun to read them and share them with Prince Charming.
  6. We found out our cable/internet/phone bill has been messed up for a few months. We called them and they are going to take $120 off our bill!!!
  7. I am getting a few groceries and I plan on getting some goodies to make a pg girl happy! I can't wait.
  8. I am thinking of having the new baby share a room with Princess Magpie. Has anyone out there ever had a baby and a toddler in the same room? How did it work out for you?
  9. Princess Magpie got me up early early and I was tired. So, when she went for a nap, I decided to go for one too. We both slept for THREE HOURS!!! boy did I feel rested afterwards.
  10. Princess Belle has been having great fun playing outside lately. She has a new friend down the road. I love that his mother knows that she has adhd, understands how she is and still enjoys having her come over. I like that I can relax about it.
  11. I have been watching old episodes of The Outer Limits lately. It is fun to see which stars are in the episodes.
  12. I can't wait until Big Brother comes on for this year! I get so addicted to that show.
  13. I am STILL anxiously awaiting approval to homeschool Princess Belle this coming year! I am buying her curriculum anyway next month.


Tasha said...

OMG what a monkey. I can't believe she fell out of the crib already...poor baby. Happy to hear she is not hurt..

Anonymous said...

Oh! Poor Maggie! I'm glad she wasn't hurt!