Jun 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -- Musical Toy Reflections

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Drahdrah said...

Great pics... and such a cutie !

Unknown said...

So cute!! Isn't it wonderful when they start doing stuff like this?

Michelle said...

You mentioned you DVR baby story too. Are you like me and yell at the TV telling the doctors that if they would just let that lady get up and walk around her labor would start and get going a lot better and then they wouldnt have to use the suction and make her little babies head all lopsided. And then do you yell because there are 54 people in room while her legs are still in stir up and her, well her, goods, are hanging out for the world to see and they act like she should expect to have any modesty...because she's in a TEACHING hospital for pete's sake. and then when you hear the baby cry do you start begging them to let that mama hold her baby cause that's all that baby wants?

Nope, just me?

Tasha said...

What a sweet pic!

Anonymous said...

So cute! ... When Amanda was a baby, she was TERRIFIED of any toy that made noise. If she was holding something that suddenly made music or something, she would burst into tears. *lol* I had to hide all the musical baby toys, because her helpful brothers and sister would always put them back in the toy box and she would find them again. Poor Pixie. *lol*