Jun 12, 2009

Rough day

Yesterday started out well. I felt pretty good and I even spent 1/2 hour talking on the phone to my Mother-in-law (whom I adore) and I hate talking on the phone. I tidied up and swept the floor. Sweeping the floor is really hard for me since I got pg. I am not sure why but it hurts my back BAAAD. After I swept the floor, I started to get a headache again. But supper, I was on the couch, couldn't lift my head and I was throwing up constantly. I was like that until bedtime. Ugh. It is a good thing I am on Diclectin to keep from getting sick, I can't imagine how often I would be getting sick if I wasn't.

I am feeling slightly better today, but I can feel my headache getting worse and my stomach is rolling, so I am hoping to be able to fight this off in some way so I don't spend a whole day like yesterday.


Tasha said...

wow girls you better take it easy for awhile. You need your strength.

Anonymous said...

That does sound bad! I never had ms like that. Must be awful!