Jun 19, 2009

woohoo, it came!

You remember that I mentioned that I had found this great site, ‘kids furniture’. I decided to order a children's desk. It will be perfect for when Princess Belle starts homeschooling in September and when she outgrows it, it will be great to pass along to her younger siblings.

It came the day before yesterday!! It took only two weeks for it to get here! That is amazing from so far away. Whenever I order things from the US, it usually takes a month at least (usually even more) for it to get here, but their service was amazing and it arrived far earlier than I expected it to. I am really impressed with their product (I love the storage shelf under the seat and the easy assembly), their service, and the timely manner with which the whole interaction was handled.


Tasha said...

What a cute desk...She sure will enjoy learning from that!

Emily said...

wow...it does look like a great little desk! Perfect for your little homeschooler!

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome looking desk! Wish we had done something like that... All my kids have actual school desks (that we got from thrift stores and garage sales), and they are nice... But none of them match, and that bugs me. *lol* (I'll get over it though. *wink*)