Jun 14, 2009

Sunday Sum up

I am spending much of my time feeling yucky these days. On one hand, I will be glad when I get out of the first trimester and maybe some of this nausea will go way but on the other hand, I know if all goes as planned this will my last pregnancy and I don't want to wish it away. In the meantime, I am doing the best I can to get some real nutrition into this baby with all the foods limits this baby has placed on our consumption. I am getting good at making supper for the family and then eating a bowl of cereal or a sandwich instead.

I am considering putting the baby and Princess Magpie into one room once the baby comes. They could have the change table in their room, they could have rocking chair in there. It would be nice as long as I can figure out the sleeping arrangements and how to get two little ones sleeping in the same room.

I find that when I am pregnant I have to change my expectations of my house. I can't get everything done that I want to, I just can't. I am too sick and too tired. So I settle for doing the best that I can. Keep the house as presentable as possible and leave the rest for when I can get it done. I have asked a friend of mine if I could pay her to wash my floors for me occasionally. It would make me feel better since washing the floors really hurts my back and it would make my life easier. I have asked Prince Charming to bring the laundry downstairs for me, I can sit in the basement on the couch and read while I am doing laundry, saving me from having to walk up and down the stairs all those times.


Michelle said...

I TOTALLY FEEL YOU! I'm the same way. Fortunately I have a husband who understands. I have been paying my 11 year old to clean the living room and just helping when and where I can.

But now the headaches are hitting and the nausea and fatigue are lifting. not sure which I like less.

So when are you due?

Anonymous said...

I was lucky when I was pregnant (with all of them)... I never had much morning sickness, and we also lived in such a tiny house (at the time) that it didn't take very long to clean it...

... There's something to be said for little houses. *lol*

Hope you're feeling better soon!