Jun 20, 2009

Saturday 9: Never Say Never Again

Saturday 9: Never Say Never Again

1. Do you like James Bond films? If yes, what’s your favorite? They are pretty good. I have seen them all because growing up they were my brother's favorite and now Prince Charming likes them. I don't have a favorite.

2. Are you daring enough to go snorkeling in the water fountain at the mall? Probably not. LOL

3. Do you sometimes hate everything and everyone around you? Not often, but sometimes when my hormones are getting the best of me and I am low on sleep.

4. Do you secretly or openly believe the world revolves around you? Nope, it revolves around my kids and if you ask them, they would probably agree with me.

5. Would you rather buy a moped or a Harley Davidson? A Harley of course!!

6. Do you water ski or ice ski? Nope

7. Tell us about the last time that you tailgated. Never, now I am beginning to feel boring. But to be fair, I don't know anyone who has tailgated either.

8. What was the last concert that you attended? Hmmm . . . Dr. Hook I think.

9. What’s the most exotic food that you’ve ate? I am not sure, I love to try new foods. I have tried all sorts of things and there are not many foods I wouldn't try given the opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

I've only seen 1 James Bond movie, and it was so many years ago that I don't remember which one it was, or what it was about. *lol*