Jun 30, 2009

Homeschool update

I got a big box in the mail today filled to the top with the Provincial Grade 2 Curriculum. It is quite in depth and heavy but I am going to wade through it over the next little while. I hope to get the books soon if I can as well so at least I can prepare for September. I also found out that if I want to, they will allow me to do the A Beka curriculum. So, I will think about that as well. I am on two hands, I will either go ahead and purchase the A Beka or I will try the Provincial Curriculum for this year, and then if I don't like it, go to A Beka next year. I am not sure. I hate that they make this so complicated for me!


Emily said...

I'm sorry that it's so complicated. But it's nice that you're finally getting to move forward..

Anonymous said...

They never want to make things like homeschooling too easy. *lol* ... Must be fun to go through the curriculum and get things planned! :D