Jun 22, 2009

11 Weeks!

Can you believe I am 11 weeks pg now? I can't. It is going so quickly. I am trying not to hurry this along. I know this is my last baby and I want to be sure to enjoy it, even if I am sick most of the time. I am growing a whole new person inside me, this is a special time.

My baby is about the size of fig now. It seems like just yesterday I was reading that she/he was the size of an apple seed. Even on the inside, this baby is growing so fast!

Click the pic below to get to the one that has the roll-over feature


Emily said...

Congrats...you're almost in the magic of the second trimester! I know how you feel...despite being sick all. the. time. with my third pregnancy I so wanted to enjoy it knowing it was the last.

Anonymous said...

11 weeks!?! Your pregnancy IS going fast!!!

Cory said...

The things I miss when I'm away from blogging!!! Congrats on the new little one!