Jun 17, 2009

Easy Decaf Mocha

I was asked how I make my decaf mocha drinks. This was something I invented years ago and I play with it depending on my mood, I sometimes make it more chocolately, I sometimes add milk or cream, I sometimes add extra coffee.

The basic idea is:
  • I put one tsp of decaf instant coffee in a mug
  • add instant hot chocolate to taste (start with the amount you would use to make a mug of hot choc)
  • (if you want to add cream, add it here and mix with the hot choc and coffee)
  • fill mug with boiled water
  • Stir and drink.


Drahdrah said...

Sounds delicious ! But I'll use regular coffee. I've given up on giving up caffeine...I'm a caffeine junkie and I don't care who knows it !

Anonymous said...

Mmmm sounds tasty!

Emily said...

ummm...chocolate and coffee go so well together!