Jun 21, 2009

Sunday's Rambling Thoughts

How will I ever survive all summer long??? I am sitting here, sucking on popsicles, wearing shorts with my hideously white, unshaven legs, trying to survive and it is only 20 degrees celsius. It is only JUNE!!!! How will my pregnant butt survive this summer??

On the upside, I am noticing that I weigh less with this pg than I did with Princess Magpie. Pants that were really tight in the legs when I wore them while pg with her are now looser in the legs and even a bit too loose!! I am glad about that. I do hope that I am not still loosing weight though. I just have such problems eating supper every day.

I changed around my living room today. It looks a lot better, more spacious and organized. I need to sweep and wash the floor, but I am too exhausted to do it right now.

My favorite snacks these days are fruit, baby carrots, cheese and green onions and whole grain crunchy crackers. I have been making myself a little plate of this every afternoon. Mmmm . . . yummy!


Anonymous said...

That does sound like a good snack!

Make sure to rest. You don't want to do too much.


Emily said...

Definitely sounds like a healthy snack...all I wanted in my pregnancy was ChickfilA milkshakes! lol
And how fun rearranging the living room...that's one of my favorite things to do!