Sep 22, 2014

Two of them

We had two Autism Moments with Little Prince yesterday.  Moments where you have to rearrange your thinking to remember that this little boy sees things differently and to remember that sometimes you need to adjust your thinking a little to understand.

1. When he got up from his nap it never occurred to us that he would notice that we had put our new end tables in the living room while he was sleeping. 

But he sat in his chair with his snack in front of him, not touching it, just looking.  He looked worried, pensive, unsure.  He sat their staring and not doing anything else.  Then after about 20 minutes, he started to cry.  It was different, we had changed things and he is autistic and just wasn't comfortable with it yet.

2. Later on, when we had settled him down with a nice bottle of chocolate milk, he still wasn't eating.  He would look at his food, some of the very food that he had eaten before and touched it, but he wouldn't eat it.  Suddenly it occurred to me that it was wrong!  It wasn't cut the right way.  So, I hopped up, cut the food and he started to eat.  He was hungry and he was shoveling it in so fast that he was almost gagging on it.  I made a mistake, I didn't cut it the way I usually do and he is autistic, if it looks wrong, he can't eat it.

My poor little boy.  It doesn't take much to reassure him, just a few little things.  But it doesn't take much to throw him off his game either and that is something I need to remember. 


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