Sep 4, 2014

First day Back to Homeschool

We started back to homeschool yesterday and so far it is going well.  I am adjusting to doing homeschool full time with all three girls.  We had fun doing our annual photo shoot. 

I did try to get a picture of all three of them but I didn't quite get what I was looking for. 

Princess Magpie is adorable and starting Grade One!  She is super-excited. 

Princess Snifflefritz is silly as ever and starting kindergarten.  She is doing surprisingly well at concentrating on her work.

Princess Belle is starting Grade 7.  I think it is going to take some adjusting to for her to get into her curriculum this year, but we will with a little time.

After we did our fun first day of school fun, we went out for ice cream to celebrate. 

The girls had fun making Olaf's, even Princess Belle decided to do one. 

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