Sep 3, 2014


The last few days, as I have been getting ready for our Not Back to School first day of homeschool, I have noticed other parents frantically getting ready for the first day of public school.  Every where I go, people ask me, "Are you looking forward to the first day of school?" and I simply answer that I am.  Usually, I let it go there, but sometimes, they ask more questions and I reply that I actually homeschool. At that point I get THE LOOK.  The look that says, "Oh You poor thing!  You don't get a break now." or "Are you crazy???  Why would you not want to send your kids to school all day?"  or "Oh?  You're one of those?   And here I thought you looked so normal!"  Then they go on to ask me the same 3 or 4 questions everyone asks me.  Every. Single. Time. 

But this morning as I sit here in my quiet house, sipping coffee, waiting for the kids to get up, listening to the neighbors rushing their kids off to school.  I know that I am not crazy.  I like homeschooling.  I like the relaxed way of life.  I like the freedom.  I like planning things for my kids.  I like watching them learn. I like watching as they finally grasp something that was challenging for them.  I like spending time with them.  I actually do look forward to the first day of school., new books, new plans, fun things to do.

Yes, it means that I have less time to myself to keep my house clean and I have to coordinate with Prince Charming to have free time to myself  to go shopping, but I don't mind that.  Yes, I do worry sometimes about making sure they learn everything they need to, of giving them the education they deserve.   But I guess homeschooling pleases the control freak in me because it allows me to make sure they learn what they need to and it allows me to teach them the way that they learn, to tailor their education to them, to make it more personal. So, I guess I am not crazy, at least I don't think so.  Homeschooling is fun for me and most days, it is fun for my kids too.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I think that both sides of this camp criticize the other side with equal zeal. It's a shame. We all make decisions based on what works best for our families and what we think will be best for our children. I have been told that my children could not receive a decent education in the public school system or that they would be exposed to horrible things. Honestly, I'm so tired of hearing mothers of young children speak as if they know the whole deal.

TC Harris said...

I didn't intend this post to be a criticism of moms who choose to send their kids to public school. I was merely saying that I get a lot of people who seem to think I am crazy (even friends whom I adore). I simply intended this post to state, that I am not crazy, but that I like my choice, it isn't a hardship for me, it is fun. That is all. I enjoy my kids, I enjoy watching them learn and I don't mind the sacrifices I make in order for that to happen.

At Home on the Rock... said...

I've never understood those comments and/or looks either. I've had my kids in school as well as homeschool and there is so much less to do when we homeschool. It takes less time and we can use afternoons and evenings for things we enjoy instead of doing homework or gathering things needed for tomorrow's class. Life is not nearly as rushed as it was when they were in school (I too enjoy sipping my morning coffee as the bus rushes by and my kids are still sleeping). It's less expensive to hs as well.