Sep 16, 2014

One of those

I am having one of those days.  Those days where I am dragging my butt through the day by shear will power and all I really want to do is go to bed and sleep for a week.  I am SSSOOOO tired.  I would give a lot of money to find some food or magic pill that would give me more energy. 

On the upside, homeschool is going well.  Princess Magpie is so enthusiastic and that makes teaching her so much fun.  I was given a few things the other day including a learning puzzle and some markers which helped Princess Snifflefritz's enthusiasm and Princess Belle has been fighting me less on reading the book portion of her curriculum. 

I hung more pictures on my walls too which is lovely and makes it look more like home.  I am holding off in the living room because I want to print off some more pictures and hang some new ones on my walls. 

In the meantime, I am going to go have a nap over here in the corner, someone wake me if I accidentally fall asleep in my coffee.

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