Sep 23, 2014


Every time I can, I try to do a little more to get settled in and make this place mine.

This weekend, I put together our new end tables and I have to say, I love the red with the chocolate brown curtains and the new lamps.  It makes me happy.  There is so much more I want to do, but I am finding frugal, inexpensive ways to make this place look like home. 

Princess Magpie helped me decorate Little Prince's room and while not every sticker is where I would have put it, I like the overall effect and I love that his room now looks settled.  I don't have a picture but I also put a matching curtain over his closet, which has no doors.  

Since the overall theme is pirate monkeys (or a combination of nautical and monkeys LOL) I loved the effect of hanging a few of his monkeys over his crib.  That cement block wall is hard and none of the stickers seem to stick on it, so I got creative and I kind of like the effect.

I replaced his mattress and the first thing he did on his first nap in it was tear off all the bedding and lift up the mattress to walk underneath it!!!  Crazy kid!

I put some Anne Geddes pictures up in the bathroom.  I LOVE the effect.  

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