Sep 9, 2014

Where did it go?

Homeschool went better today, I got done with all the kids by about 2:30.  I am just having troubles feeling like I have a handle on the scheduling of everything this year.  I wouldn't change the fact that I homeschool, I really do like it, but I would like to request that someone please schedule me for a few extra hours in the day.  I am getting most things done, but I am super-tired.

On the upside, Princess Belle did really well today.  She seems to be getting back into the swing of things and isn't fighting me on the curriculum.  She even had a little fun with it today.

Princess Snifflefritz is doing amazing, I am really surprised by how well she has adapted to this new routine.

Princess Magpie is ahead in everything but her reading.  She knows letters and sounds, she just hasn't really been putting them together yet.  I am working on that with her now. 

In the meantime, I am trying to get everything done and feeling a little stretched thin with no time for anything extra right now.

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