Sep 22, 2014


The best thing about living here in the city is that taking the kids out is no big deal.  I just put their shoes on them, take their hands, we hop on the bus and a new adventure awaits.  They are equally excited to be going out no matter what our destination is.

This weekend I was going out for a quick trip to the dollar store at the mall and at the last minute I decided to take the little girls with me. 

When we got their they wanted to take the ramp instead of the stairs and since that was so very exciting to them, I let them.  Next they discovered a mirror that called out for their cute little reflections. 

And when they discovered an absolutely adorable shoe-shaped chair, they had to test it out. 

The Halloween decorations were too much for the girls to miss, they had to be carefully touched and investigated. 

Since we were having such a fun time, I treated them both to an ice cream and milk. 

On our way back to the bus, we took the sky-walk instead of crossing the road.  The girls were so excited by this simple little change and couldn't wait to look out the window at the road below.

Princess Magpie took the tooth fairy money she got this week and bought a present for herself and her sister (isn't she sweet?) 

Aren't they cute?!

Princess Magpie even went up to put on the proper dress for the occasion.

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