Sep 8, 2014

Breakfast with my boy and Homeschool Update

I am having some troubles getting a good routine in place for this year so far.  I know I will get there, but at the moment it is hectic and busy and hard to get it all in.

On the upside, Princess Snifflefritz is doing really well with her kindergarten work, as long as we stick to just her and I together side by side.

Princess Magpie is loving Grade One.  She loves learning and is so much fun to teach!  (too bad she is sick today, poor baby)

Princess Belle is still getting into the groove of Grade Seven. She doesn't like her curriculum as much this year as last year and she doesn't really like all the reading, but the year is still young and I am hoping it will improve. 

I did enjoy a few minutes with just my boy and I this morning.  He was happy and enjoying his breakast and I snapped a few pics of him.  I kept making sounds to try to get him to look at me and it kind of worked.

Oh mommy, what do you have, is that my bottle?

Looking up at me making a funny sound

Looking, loving the funny sound but carefully not pointing his eyes at the camera, I still like this one.  I LOVE his eyes. 

I am crouching behind the phone making funny sounds to get him to look.  He must think I am crazy.  LOL  The things a mom of an awesome boy with autism does to get his beautiful eyes on camera. 

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