Sep 23, 2014

Breaking His Limits

I know I have mentioned that Little Prince's diet is limited.  Honestly since our move, his diet has been mostly limited to peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches and chocolate milk.  I have been working with him to at least get the foods he used to eat back into his food repertoire. Now I know that even there we have limits.  He needs things to be of a bread-like texture and they need to seem familiar.  And I have found that I can slip things in if I am creative.  If I break his chicken nuggets in half he will sometimes eat one or two.  And if I cut waffles in quarters and them pile them up so that they look like sandwiches, he will occasionally eat half a waffle.  That is only a little bit, but it is two more foods that I can sometimes get him to eat.

TWO WHOLE foods that he used to eat and will sometimes eat again now!  To me that is a breakthrough.


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