Jul 31, 2014

Finally Afloat

After we left Grandma Great's house, we headed out to the ferry.  We traveled all night on the ferry, making our way to Nova Scotia.

I was really impressed with the service on Marine Atlantic!  When I got to the terminal, someone helped me get me, the kids and my stuff on the little shuttle bus to the boat.  Then someone helped me carry everything up to the seats and even helped me set up the playpen for Little Prince! I didn't ask for the help, but they were so quick to give it and so kind, I was really impressed.

Little Prince enjoyed the mirror next to his playpen.

Princess Snifflefritz set herself up next to the chairs, playing with some gift bags they gave the kids.

Princess Belle enjoyed the watching a movie and looking at magazines she brought.

Princess Magpie sat quietly in her chair, playing with the toys they were given.

Little Prince was quiet content in his playpen, looking at his book, playing with toys and rocking with his blanket.

It wasn't long before they all began to fall asleep!  Here is Princess Belle, sleeping in her chair.

Princess Snifflefritz moves a lot in her sleep and I kept finding her in the oddest positions.  

Princess Magpie was quiet content to curl up in her chair and sleep.

See what I mean about the odd positions I kept finding Princess Snifflefritz in?

The next morning, we were all tired, but happy to be docked in Nova Scotia and ready to head out on the final leg of our journey.

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