Oct 1, 2013

Book Review - Danny's Doodles: The Jelly Bean Experiment

I was given the opportunity to review an adorable book, Danny's Doodles: The Jelly Bean Experiment by David Adler.  David Adler is also the author of the Cam Jansen mystery series and in this book he creates wonderful fun characters.  I took the opportunity to read it with Princess Belle.  She loves to read on her own and I knew she would love to read this book on her own, but I have been looking for a book to read with her and honestly, it looked like a fun book.  The doodles were a fun addition to the great story. 

As soon as we got the book Princess Belle took it and started leafing through the pages.  She couldn't wait to read it.  We sat down to read it after homeschool.  We read the first chapter together and then she wouldn't let me stop.  I ended up reading half the book in the first sitting and it was so fun, I didn't mind.  I wanted to get to the end too. LOL

The book is about Danny Cohen and his weird new friend, Calvin Waffle who is trying to collect data for his science experiments. He gets Danny to carry jelly beans everywhere.  I really enjoyed reading to find out the purpose of his experiments and I really loved the characters.  

All in all, this is a really fun book and I highly recommend it to anyone whose fancy is struck by the story. 

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