Oct 28, 2013

Monday Mumblings

I discovered the cutest little bakery and cafe here in town.  They had wonderful coffee and treats and I even found a discount section in the bakery!!

I took the two little girls out shopping with me for a few things.  Most of the time, I leave them home with daddy when I go, but I have made it a mission lately to take at least one of the kids out with me when I have to run errands.  It was actually really fun.  Because it was a Sunday and the shop wasn't busy, I let them each take a kids cart to push around.

They were very excited and felt very grown up at the thought of shopping with their very own cart.  They were super-helpful too!

I have put up some Halloween decorations in the kitchen of house and I added some Halloween to our front step fall decorations.  I think it looks cute.  It makes me happy anyway.

And here is Little Prince, apparently exhausted by the process of getting out of bed and eating breakfast.

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