Jul 2, 2013

Little Prince

Little Prince is having some adjustment issues with the move.  He is used to sleeping in the living room in his crib and now he has his own room.  I think it is giving him separation anxiety.  He isn't sleeping as well and he is really cuddly and clingy and needy like he hasn't been in the past.  Now, I get it, it is a big change having a big old room to himself and I am filling his love-cup as much as he needs it filled but I feel bad that he is feeling out of sorts.

He is super-cute though.  He gets lots more freedom to run around here and he has invented a game that I love to watch.  He picks up a toy and throws it.  Then he crawls really quickly over to get it and throws it again.  It is like he is playing fetch with himself.  Just too cute!  I love to watch him.  Like the way he is always super-hot and needs to be wearing as little as possible on hot days or the way he needs his very first haircut and how his hair is in his eyes now, or the way he eats granola bars.  Whenever he gets one, he very deliberately breaks it into two pieces and then eats it with one piece in each hand.  VERY cute!

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