Jul 25, 2013

Circle Time - TOS Review

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I as really excited to get the chance to do a review of Circle Time ($4.99) by Kendra Fletcher of Preschoolers and Peace (I am a long-time fan of her blog!).   Circle time is something I have incorporated into our homeschool and it is a big hit with my littlest girls.  They really enjoy it.  So to get the chance to get new inspiration was a wonderful opportunity!

I was so excited by this book that I read all 33 pages in one afternoon!  I was completely inspired by it.  I found myself making notes of new things I wanted to include in our circle times. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that what I read could be applied to homeschooling my Princess Belle as well Princess Snifflefritz and Princess Magpie!  I love it when I can find ways to include all my children instead of focusing just on one at a time.  I love the idea that this is a way for me to incorporate a wider variety of things for all of the kids.  With four kids to mother and teach and a household to run, sometimes it is hard to find enough hours in the day to get everything done, but this is a way of getting a little more accomplished in a way that the kids love. Kendra Fletcher teaches how to bring children of all ages, toddler to preteens (or even teens!) all together. To learn more about Kendra Fletcher, click HERE.

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The book is divided into 9 chapters, focusing on what to include in circle time, suggestions for motivating children to be involved, and parameters for various ages. At the end of a book is a "wish list" for possible circle time activities.

From the Circle Time webpage:
  • Planning a Circle Time That Works for You
  • Strategies for a Peaceful Time Together
  • How to Get Your Kids on Board
  • Questions From Moms Like You
  • Words of Wisdom From Other Moms Who Do Circle Time
  • Resources, Activities, and Ideas
  • Printable Planner Sheets
Circle Time encourages little ones to sit still and focus and the book provides reasoning and suggestions for encouraging that, circle time is a great way for the family to spend time together and connect.  This book is a unique resource and source of reassurance that schooling days aren't chaotic when you've got a plan in place. The book is an easy, quick read written from one homeschooling parent to another.

While Princess Snifflefritz would sometimes wander off, she did show interest in circle time when I made use of some of the great strategies in the book that give ideas on how to get your children interested and creating circle time that works!  She also included some helpful printable planner sheets.  The printouts that are included give you a wish list that will help you decide how your circle time should be used for your needs. 

The Circle Time book is only 33 pages long and cost $4.99.  It’s in PDF format and is downloadable instantly.  It is a great resource to help you plan and implement your own circle time. There are no limitations to what you can do with this! Don't forget to check out other reviews from my Crewmates!


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