Jul 15, 2013


I have been exploring our neighborhood.  I took Little Prince and Princess Belle out for a walk while the little girls had a nap.  We wandered around and found a park right around the corner and met some of our neighbors.  It reminded me again of why I love it here.  We stopped and chatted with a few people, were welcomed to the area and were even invited to come back and sign a car that is going to be in the Derby this summer!  It is so good to be here.  I can see many days going to the park with the kids, and I can see more walks around the neighborhood in our future.

Here is Princess Belle picking wildflowers in front the playground we discovered.

Here she is on a different walk we took, picking flowers on a shortcut we found (or Prince Charming found to be fair) to the mall:
Here she is posing with Little Prince's stroller:
And here she is with a weird metal contraption that we found in a field on the our way to the mall.  We had no idea what it was. 

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