Jul 25, 2013

On the Threshold . . .

In this house, the little ones have a lot more freedom.  They have access to all areas of the house and they are loving it.  I am trying to teach them, that my bedroom is mostly off limits.  Trying to teach them about personal space.  I am not too hung up on it, but I figure it is a good lesson for them. It cracks me up though, because if I am doing something in my room, Princess Snifflefritz hangs out in the doorway, making up stories, dancing, showing me her toys and telling me jokes.  Sometimes Princess Magpie joins her.  It is just too cute.  The fact that she mostly sticks to the doorway is kind of silly but it at least means she understands the limit I am trying to create.  And ti makes for some VERY fun stuff for me to see.

Here are some pics I snapped with my cell phone (they're a little blurry, but then that girl is always in motion . . . every second of every day . . . it is a wonder I have any pics at all of her not in motion!):

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