May 9, 2013


I love having a fun way to start the day.  Today I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  I made enough to freeze some for later.  So I even managed to save some time for later. 

I can't wait for our move.  I have a lot of plans for ways to adjust our routine.  The house has a space that we can use for a playroom and I really do think that will make all the difference.  Princess Belle is even on board! 

Here are my thoughts:
  • the bedroom will have only beds and stuffed toys. Every morning when we get up, we will make the beds and put the stuffed toys away.
  • We will get a table and a high chair.  Then food will be eaten at that location only.
  • All the rest of the toys will be in the playroom which will be tidied up every night before bed.
  • The classroom will be controlled by me so that I can keep little fingers from walking away with much needed school stuff, like they do now. 
  • We have a fenced in backyard and will spend time outside every day before we start our lessons and sometimes on good days we can spend time outside afterwards too. 
  • I am going to put up a schedule for our days and for our meals and snacks.  Princess Belle likes the predictability of that and it helps me to make sure I get the right things on grocery day. 
  • I am moving the kids picnic table outside and we will have snacks outside for fun in good weather days. 

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Julie said...

Sounds like a good plan. When my kids were little, we have a seperate playroom too, and it really helped in keeping their rooms clean. :)