May 4, 2013

Getting excited

Now that I have a house lined up, I can get excited about some things.  I have lived there before and I have nothing but good memories. 

I have list of places I have fond memories of:
  • the store I used to buy clothes for the girls at
  • the thrift shop I used to donate all the clothes they grew out of
  • Lilly's Landing a little restaurant that we used to love
  • the little farmers market that was only open one day a week
  • the Tim Horton's that knew me by order by the time I left. LOL
  • drives just to see the country-side
  • the water park where we took our kids to play on hot days

There are so many places I remember.  It is a small town, not a city.  I get to get back to a more relaxed, more rural (not quite as rural as I had planned, but good enough) way of life.  I am actually excited!

And to top it off, Notsosnowwhite lives there!  And she is getting married so I get to be there and help her with her plans!  In person, which is SO much easier than over the phone and on the internet. 

My cousin and a little girl who used to play with Princess Belle when she was small are having a babies and I get to be around to see that too.  It is all very exciting. 

I went to look for some pics from our days there and shared some here in two separate posts seen below.

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