May 24, 2013

Move Thoughts

I am getting anxious for our move.  I worry about silly things going wrong and I stress myself out.  This morning with Prince Charming, I ran through my train of worry thoughts last night.  He laughed at me and said it was too funny.  Even I could see that a lot of it was ridiculous, but that is me worrying over things I can't know will happen and things I can't fix.  I just really want this move to go well and for us to get there and everything to be okay. 

I can't wait to be living I the same town as Notsosnowwhite.  I look forward to girly chats, to helping her with her wedding plans, to just spending time together with our families. 

Now it turns out my Sister-in-law will be moving in next door to us.  While I have some trepidation about potential things that could go wrong, (see first paragraph LOL), I am excited at the idea of having a built in community.  I love the idea of having family around for holidays, Saturday brunches and summer bbqs and all that good stuff (of course family includes Notsosnowwhite who is like a sister to me).  And, it will be good for the kids to have cousins right next door that they can spend time with and get to know. 

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