Jun 16, 2015

Tidbit Tuesday

1.  I am making soup today from leftover turkey.  I wasn't going to, but I just can't waste the wonderful yummy bits left on the carcass.  The kids are hovering over the pot, anxiously waiting for it to be done.

2.  I am really getting down on the list of things I can pack this long before moving.  I have to do Little Prince's room and get Princess Belle's room done (ugh!) and then I guess there isn't a lot left to pack right now.

3.  One thing I am proud about is how much less stuff we have in our storage room now.  We used to have so many boxes that never got unpacked between moves,  But we have really gone through stuff and made sure we are only keeping the things that are important to us.

4.  Little Prince has been sleeping a little better lately!  I am thrilled with him.  He is barely eating, but I guess I will take improvements where I can.

5.  I am anxious for this move to be over.  I get so stressed trying to make sure we will have enough money to get everything done that we need to get done.

6.  I really want to get my hair cut before the move and to replace my purse (it actually fell completely apart!)  But with our budget being what it is, I may have to put it off and just get Princess Belle's done.

I am so not this mom: 

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