Jun 13, 2015


Yesterday, Princess Tigger drove Prince Charming to Yarmouth to meet with the membership committee for our new house.  I was nervous but it turned out fine.  I am so glad Princess Tigger was able and willing to take him all that way. 

I am going to miss my friends and neighbors when we move.  I hope I can get to know my neighbors and make some friends after we move.  It is sometimes hard for me to do that.

Today was such a fun, busy day.  I cooked a turkey this morning so that I could have it cooked before it got too hot out.  Then I was planning on having it later today.  But it turned out the community had a BBQ today!!  So the kids went down to the BBQ and I put the cooked turkey in the fridge for tomorrow.  Now I tomorrow, I only have to cook the side-dishes! 

And, I took some pics of the girls on our steps waiting for the BBQ to start.  It was raining a little when the day started but it didn't take long for it to clear right up!

And jackets were quickly shed due to the hot summer sun making it's appearance. 

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