Jun 23, 2015

Inexpensive Multipurpost Storage Ideas!

Due to the limited storage space in our new home, I am looking for ways to multipurpose household items for storage.  Here are some things I am planning to do:

1. Use an ottoman for a coffee table.  It can be used as storage, coffee table, and seat!

2. Use storage cubes as end tables, they look cute and have the added benefit of storage.
 3.  I plan to put a latch on Little Prince's closet so that he can't open it.  I will then store his dresser, plastic containers of winter clothes and things like that in there.  That will have the added purpose of being a bit of a sound barrier between his room and the neighbour's place (My adorable little autistic boy can be a noisy boy at night)

4.  I will use a storage bench in my room at the end of my bed as well.

5.  To make more room in every one else's room (other than Little Prince) I will be creating closet systems to store their clothes instead of dressers and a lot of the items I want to use for it can be bought at either Walmart of the Dollar Store. 


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