Jun 30, 2015

Well . . . It's Official

Little Prince and I spent the morning at the IWK and it's now it's official.  He is officially diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum.  I knew that was what he had.  But somehow knowing today that he really has autism made me feel sad.  I want so badly for life to be easy for my beautiful baby boy and it won't be.  He is going to have to work to learn things and he will face challenges that other kid's don't have to face.  I would do anything to take away his mountains and to pave the way to make it easier for him.

But I guess better informed is better prepared.  I am armed with information and now I can learn along with him, how best to help him.  I guess I am a little baffled by my reaction.  I knew . . . but I feel a little heartbroken for my beautiful boy at being told that the autism diagnosis is official.

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