Jun 9, 2015

Late . . . . but there was a reason, honest!

I am so late posting on my blog today, but it has honestly been a VERY busy day.  I have been working my butt off.  Today I dealt with all 11 of those bags of laundry by doing the following:
  • sorting everything out by owner, or where it went, 
  • putting away the things we were keeping,
  • Put the things we were donating in bags,
  • threw out the things that were no longer any good.
I also dealt with every item of clothes that Princess Belle owns.  She had LOTS of clothes.  She tried every single item of clothing on, and we donated anything that didn't fit, she didn't like, or I thought was inappropriate in the way that it fit her.

Then I went through all the clothes I own and that Prince Charming owns.  The biggest thing with us was deciding to get rid of the clothes that were worn out or that were ugly. 

When I was done, I cleaned the kitchen, and the floors.  It doesn't sound like a lot but it was truly a time-consuming, exhausting project! 

Now, I have to go get my house company-ready as Prince Charming has invited some friends over and the kids have been busy making a mess while I was working.

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