Jun 1, 2015

At this Moment

At this moment, Princess Magpie is packing up a box of her toys.  She loves to be helpful and this is the chore she chose to do today.  It makes things so much easier when you start to give the little ones a little responsibility for their own things. 

At this moment, Princess Snifflefritz is helping Princess Belle clean her room.  I am glad she is helping to motivate Princess Belle, but I am honestly not sure how much help she is being.  She is more of a watcher of work than a doer of work.  And Princess Belle's room?  . . . . There are no words for the horror that describes looking in to that den of disaster!  I keep threatening to throw it all away and make her start fresh.  It is bad!  She wants me to clean it, but I told her that she is thirteen years old, she is more than old enough to clean her own room.

At this moment I am taking a break to blog and drink coffee.  I just finished packing a couple of boxes out of my room and tidying up the living room and kitchen.

At this moment, my beautiful boy is sleeping in his bed, cuddled up with his stuffed monkey pillow and I am hoping that he will wake up soon.  I hate waking him up because he gets sooo upset.

At this moment, everyone in my house is happy, contented and doing their own thing.  Life is good . . . at this moment.

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