Jun 6, 2015

Checking them off!

In the spirit of continuing momentum, I have spent today getting more things done for our move.  I packed until I ran out of packing tape!  I have even been marking every box with a label that says what is in it.

So now, I have nothing left on my to do list except finish packing, do laundry and sort through the rest of the clothes to see if we have anything else to donate.  I will admit though that since Princess Belle has finally finished cleaning her room, the amount of laundry I have to do is staggering!

Prince Charming and I were talking last night and I guess the one benefit to having moved so many times is that we are good at it now.  The unexpected little hiccups aren't really unexpected anymore.  We know they are coming and we plan for them.  Here's hoping that it continues to go this good.

I do get a kick out of how much the little girls love to help me.  At least for a few minutes anyway.  I get out the boxes and tape and they come running to help.  One hands me stuff to put in the box, and they take turning sticking labels and tape.  They eventually lose interest and wander off but I am not allowed to start alone.  These little girls are so cute!

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